The intention of the "Self Portrait" photo from internal evidence

September 21, 2006



1.    Hair awry and old clothes therefore itís not a vanity photo

2.    You can see the camera therefore the photo is via a mirror

3.    Since itís a mirror the image is flipped, therefore the hand pressing the button on the camera is in fact the left hand

4.    It can be inferred that the left hand is not the dominant hand because the watch is on the left wrist

5.    The right hand is approximately in the middle of the picture suggesting that it might be the real subject of the photo

6.    If the right hand/arm is the subject, that could explain why the left hand is being used to press the button

7.    The clipboards with brown paper and drawings on a shelf or ledge in the background suggest this might be an artistís studio

8.    Adding it all up, the photo could have been taken because the artist needed a model of a left hand/arm in the position shown; which is in fact what happened.

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