Mary Adam


Chickens, 2022 Reclining figure drawing, 2022 Film still doorway, 2022 Film still Hanging Rock, 2022 Film still, 2022 mary adam Three Heads Pliers etc Alder drawing Daisy family drawing Leaf drawing Plane and Cone Tube 1a Tube 2 Tube 4 Walking the dog, drawing by Mary Adam Shardae portrait, 2021 Child, 2021 Geronimo, 2022 After Allan Ramsay, my namesake Mary Adam 1754 (2021) Disraeli, 2022 Jianice drawing, 2021 Dancing Nude, 2021 On the phone, 1999 Figure in red, 2022 Purple scarf, 2021 Walking, drawing by Mary Adam Gladiolus drawing Seated figure drawing Antelope, 2015 Oak leaves stippled drawing Tulip Blackthorn Paper drawing Gladiolus drawing Seated figure 2009 drawing by Mary Adam

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